Text Codes… What Do They Mean?

It’s time for another Tech Tips Tuesday!

The other day we were asked by a friend if we knew what the acronym FINSTA meant. We hated to admit to them we didn’t know. Of course, we had to look into this. We knew the basics, GTG (Got To Go), ISO (In Search Of), LOL (Laugh Out Loud), for example. But what we didn’t realize is that the teen culture has a whole subset of abbreviations, and many of them are not PG.

For those of you who are the parent of a teenager, or a preteen, with a mobile device and/or social media, we think that this short article will be a big eye-opener. For those of you whose children haven’t reached this stage yet, be prepared. (BTW, FINSTA means Fake Instagram Account! Who knew?)

Have a great week!

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