“Respect your parents. They passed school without Google.” — Anonymous

Let’s do a little something different this week. I am going to add something a little fun AND something that will help. This week is dedicated to kids and teachers.

Parents (and maybe teachers), show these Google “tricks” to your kiddos and let them have some fun. There are a couple of things here that even you will enjoy messing with in some downtime.

Teachers, I know most of you are pretty comfortable with using Google Classrooms and such, but maybe there are a few things in this article (or this one) that can make things a little easier or fun! One thing I found interesting was you can check for plagiarism!

eRemoteHelp has a Student Technology Assistance Program that we are starting during the school year. If any students need technology assistance (does not include hardware replacement/fixes) you can subscribe to our Student Plan for unlimited Remote Tech Support. See our website www.eRemoteHelp.com for more details!

Have a great return back to school!

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