“School is a lot like toilet paper. You only miss it when it’s gone.” — Anonymous

In keeping with the back to school theme, we thought that we would do a post on a few tips and tricks for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Many teachers are using these programs to build interactive student activities. Having worked with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, we know how daunting of a task it can be to put a presentation together. For one it can take HOURS to put it together. Two, do students actually pay attention when you are showing a presentation? Below are a few tips and tricks to make your job of putting them together a little easier (we hope).

Some of these tricks you may already know, some you may not. Click HERE to learn 25 “tips and tricks” for Google Slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a different type of beast (or can be) HERE are some tips and tricks for that as well.

BONUS: Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Click HERE for some FREE Google Slides Templates!

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